· The only comeback I’m waiting for right now is for the hundreds missing in Korea.

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happy birthday, my bias forever jung jessica! ♥ no one will ever take your place in my heart because no one will ever be as lazy, sweet, cute, kind, adorable, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, lovable, and perfect as you are. never ever ever change because you are perfect in my eyes. i would never change you for anyone else in the world. i still remember the very first time i laid eyes on you and i still remember the first time i heard your beautiful voice. who knew that just from watching one mv, that i would become such a dedicated sone and gorjess spazzer? :) you are the best bias anyone could hope for. i love you so much!! you don’t know this, but you’ve changed my life for the better. i will always love you, jung jessica! have a great day on your birthday spending time with your family and friends. ♥

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Heartbreaking text message exchanges between students trapped in the sinking ferry off the coast of South Korea and their anxious parents are offering a glimpse into the desperate situation in the crippled vessel.

"Dad, don’t worry. I’ve got a life vest on and we’re huddled together," one 18-year-old student, identified only by her last name, Shin, texted her father, according to MBC News, a Korean news station.

The father replied: “I know the rescue is underway but make your way out if you can.”

"Dad, I can’t walk out," she replied. "The corridor is full of kids, and it’s too tilted."

The student was among the 290 still reported missing.

In another exchange, a male student texted his mother, who was unaware at the time that the ferry was in distress.

"Mom, I might not be able to tell you in person. I love you," the student texted, according to MBC.


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s-ooyoungs: performances: color porn (insp.)

W Korea

And years later, I saw a black arena bloom into a sight I thought would exist only in my dreams.

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Never run no matter how late you are. What’s the difference anyways?

SNSD’s Jessica (via yourebeautiful0605)
SNSD! You… all you need to know is this:
No matter where you are, no mater what you do…
We will be cheering you on. - x

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  · f(x) wins an award at the Chinese “Grammy” Awards


The 14th Top Chinese Music Awards which was held in Shenzhen, China.
Victoria was the only f(x) member present. Congratulations f(x)! :D

Victoria’s Winning speech (With Eng Subs) Here

Victoria also presented an Award.

Here are some Chinese “Nameless” fans

 f(x) won award in China without debuting there or releasing a single song in China.

Now that’s what I call an amazing achievement. 


girls' generation + name meanings (inspired by x)
exo's ocean was larger and brighter tjhan your ahjumma's






















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My favorite pink ocean photos

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  · S/O to Lovecat, Etude and SPAO for being the only ppl promoting f(x)