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  · f(x) Red Light 1st win!

  · [VOTE] SONE vs Lovatics

Please click here to vote. This is Round 2, Sones vs Lovatics. SONES fighting!!!! Vote as many times as you can. Kpop fans please help out :)

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  · [VOTE] SONES! Round 2 for “Which Army is Strongest!” on Billboard

Girls’ Generation Sones

  · [VOTE] Sones VS Little Monsters


There’s a vote taking place at Billboard’s website. Fanbase face offs.

Girls’ Generation Sones VS Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters

Go vote as many times as you can…we’re barely winning. Let’s go Sones! Show other fandoms that SNSD’s Sones are no joke! SONES FIGHTING!!


If you love Disney, you must follow this blog!


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  · ELF, Sone, Shawol, f(x) fans! SM stans please READ!!


TO: Super Junior’s ELF, SNSD’s Sones, SHINee’s Shawols, f(x) fansYG’s BIGBANG is like 1st place for like every year for M Countdown’s 10th anniversary. Together as SM stans, if we work together as a one, we can combine all our votes and vote for the 2nd place, for a chance of them getting 1st….


140706 f(x) - All Night @ Inkigayo Comeback Stage


140706 f(x) - Red Light @ Inkigayo Comeback Stage


Okay! With f(x)’s comeback kicking off this week it’s a given that all of us want them to bring home some sort of award for their hard work! They’re not eligible this week (artists are not officially eligible to win awards on music shows until a full week after their promotions have started), but as of next week, they will be! I’d like to thank for this wonderful guide to how we can all help f(x) snatch those awards! It looks like a grueling process (and some parts of it are, honestly) but there’s always going to be one option or another that’s easier for some, so take it into consideration!


(a guide to how the wins on various music shows are determined is located up at the top of the top)

NOTE: M Countdown made a few changes to their rating system, all which can be viewed on their voting page!

Most voting sites for music programs are only open to Korean citizens to sign up for but we can still help in many ways.

Here’s what foreigners can do!

  • Buying our girls’ album can help a lot despite the low percentages for music programs. Either buy it by yourself or with a group of people, just make sure the website you get it from counts on the Hanteo and/or the Gaon Charts! (they usually say if they do)
  • Global Voting! Mnet allows foreign viewers to vote for M!Countdown! You have to sign up but it doesn’t take too long~Also, you can use the same account to vote on the Korean version.
  • Buying the single on the English version of Soribada! It’s not hard to sign up and It’s foreign fans-friendly! You can find all the information on their site, in English~.
  • SNS! Music Core and Inkigayo count SNS points (especially Inkigayo) so make sure to trend: #에프엑스 | #RedLight | #에프엑스레드라이트! BUT! Don’t put it more than once in one tweet and avoid adding links or it’ll be taken as spam! If you want to tweet the same thing multiple times (containing the hashtag), you can add a number at the end of the tweet so it won’t be taken as spam. (ex: “I love f(x)! #RedLight 1″ and “I love f(x)! #RedLight 2″ etc.)
  • Watch the Music Video! The view count is part of the scores in some music programs! Either add it to a playlist by itself and leave it on autoplay or simply play it many times. We don’t know exactly what gives more views but we can try!
  • Search! You were going to ask about the ‘Research’ thing, weren’t you? What you have to do is simply search ‘에프엑스‘ or ‘레드라이트‘ on music sites like Soribada, Melon, Bugs, Olleh, and many others! News sites count too! Just click these links: 1, 2,
  • Vote for them on Show Champion! Tutorial here!
  • Vote for them on Inkigayo using the 엠앤TV톡 app (android, iOS)! Tutorial (note: change your phone’s language to Korean for it to work better.
  • Stream the songs on Melon! Tutorial here!
  • Vote for them on Inkigayo through globfone!

NOTE: What we do on one week counts on the next one! The scores are based on data from the previous week.

[* Mostly written by, cr to dooroham for news sites links and Inkigayo tutorial! If taken from this post please take out with full credits to functionlove and link properly back to the original post!]

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