Artist: Krystal / Amber / Luna

Song: Red Light (Hidden Bridge Vocals)
Plays: 10,560


Some hidden bridge vocals from Krystal, Amber, and Luna in Red Light.

BMW M4 2014⎛ Taken by RipeVibe




SNSD ( The Best ) - The INTERVIEW.

Eng Sub by YulSic Heart

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Girl’s generation - Till the end we stand 9

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Audi TT 8J (by Henrik S.)

  · f(x) Red Light 1st win!

  · [VOTE] SONE vs Lovatics

Please click here to vote. This is Round 2, Sones vs Lovatics. SONES fighting!!!! Vote as many times as you can. Kpop fans please help out :)

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  · [VOTE] SONES! Round 2 for “Which Army is Strongest!” on Billboard

Girls’ Generation Sones

  · [VOTE] Sones VS Little Monsters


There’s a vote taking place at Billboard’s website. Fanbase face offs.

Girls’ Generation Sones VS Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters

Go vote as many times as you can…we’re barely winning. Let’s go Sones! Show other fandoms that SNSD’s Sones are no joke! SONES FIGHTING!!


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  · ELF, Sone, Shawol, f(x) fans! SM stans please READ!!


TO: Super Junior’s ELF, SNSD’s Sones, SHINee’s Shawols, f(x) fansYG’s BIGBANG is like 1st place for like every year for M Countdown’s 10th anniversary. Together as SM stans, if we work together as a one, we can combine all our votes and vote for the 2nd place, for a chance of them getting 1st….